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(05 May)

Listening to someone else process such raw, unfiltered emotions often makes it easier when we endure similar experiences.

And this is just what Solomon John’s new single, Home, is all about.

‘All music must be relatable in the context of one’s life. Home is a song and a feeling. If you have ever longed for someone, then you should listen to Home.”

He drew his inspiration for the song while he was battling with Covid-19.

“I came up with the idea when I had Covid-19. As I was getting worse, I started to contemplate life. As some of my mates had passed away, I wasn’t sure what the future would hold for me.”

Solomon explained that the song, Home, is an EDM-style track that captures the thoughts of someone who has come to realise what’s important in life.

“It is relatable to many people who may never find the words to tell their loved ones what they mean to them. Whether it’s due to work, ignorance, or life’s rigors, we will all have a time when we must stop and contemplate what’s important to us. This song captures those thoughts.”

He created some of the lyrics during this challenging time.

“I met with DeeGraaf Productions to help with the production of the track in this style, which I am completely in love with.”

The genre for his single, Home, is an EDM style song in the vein of your Avici’s or Martin Garrix.

“It is about realising what’s important to you in life.”

With this song, you will see a more vulnerable side to Solomon, who is excited to share it with his fans.

“I feel now is the right time to release as my music career is growing, and I would like for my fans to hear this style early on.

“It’s a tad different from my other tracks, but I’m hoping there are new listeners who come to appreciate it and listen for more.”

Solomon aims for his music to become a go-to for his listeners.

‘Listeners should be like, “He gets me.” That’s the dream as a songwriter.”

His future plans include finishing up an album and creating more EDM-style music.

A highlight of his career would be to listen o his song on the radio for the first time.

“Listening to my song on the radio for the first time would be massive.”

Solomon’s passion for music started at a young age as his family loved sing-alongs.

“I have always been in love with music and its ability to convey every emotion, even when you don’t always have the words.

“My family would have sing-alongs, so at a young age, I was introduced to the Beatles, The Bee Gees, and The Carpenters.”

Solomon added that he loves all styles of music.

“I grew up with the golden oldies, I then had my rebellious rap phase (RIP Tupac and Biggie), which turned into a love of Hip Hop, and R&B. Punk Rock and soft rock were my teenage pals, and when I got introduced to Linkin Park, that was another chapter.

“Reggae became my solace when I tried to find meaning in the world till EDM came and set new boundaries for me. As you can see, there’s a song for every mood.”

Solomon said as he grew older, he knew this was something he wanted to pursue, and song writing became an immense passion of his.

“As a teenager, I was obsessed with The OC series. The show creators really did a great job of bringing in such an eclectic mix of music, and it totally blew my mind that there were so many different genres.”

He is also a man with many talents. Solomon has played bass /rhythm guitar since he was about 12 and then formally played live gigs with bands for the last eight years.

His inspiration for music comes from life experiences and longing.

“I wake up with a tune in my head, and I just have to write it down. There are days when it’s harder than others, and then I pull out my guitar and let it flow as naturally as possible. “

Solomon would love to work with Sketchy Bongo on a track or even duet with Nalu or Paxton.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” Bob Marley – is one of his favourite music quotes.

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