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(27 Oktober 2023)

At only 15 years old, the rising international superstar Alba V has been challenged with the constant lies of another, and that is why the theme of her brand new single release titled For Me That’s A No! is universally relatable.  

For Me That’s A No! is Alba V’s second international single release, with the pop track ‘Gone 4 Good’ preceding the young star’s latest pop release.  

Alba V wrote the lyrics for For Me That’s A No! with Manny Mijares, Tyler Conti and Stefan Benz. Manny also composed the song with Tuomo Korander and Tommi Vatanenen, and produced the song in Los Angeles, California.  

The song is about girl that is tired of another person’s lies and decides to set firm boundaries by walking away. “Honesty and being real is important to me and I believe in standing up for what is right. I can strongly relate to the song, and that is why I love singing it,” says Alba V.  

For Me That’s A No! will be released on Saturday 4 November. The music video was filmed at Fist Class Exotics and Casian Photography in California. Manny Mijares and Imaginative Media Ent. was involved in the production and concept creation for the video.  

The first scene depicts a girl in her room – frustrated about a person telling lies. Then she drives in a Lamborghini, trying to get away from this person, while acting out her frustration.  

Alba V was offered an international record deal by Upscale Records after the renowned music producer Manny Mijares saw her performing during the world championships for the performing arts in Los Angeles.  

She has plans to release an Afrikaans song in the near future, and will also release another internasional pop song in 2024.  

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