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(27 September 2023)

A love for punk-rock music and inspiration from alternative music are captured in Robert Bolton’s brand-new single, “Dans in Afrikaans.” 

“Dans in Afrikaans” is a punk-pop track penned by Robert himself. He and Shan Read wrote the song on the porch of his home in Stellenbosch. 

The song is inspired by Robert’s love for punk-rock and alternative music, as well as bands like Glaskas and Die Heuwels Fantasties, which he developed during his participation in the singing competition “Die Kontrak 2.” 

“Dans in Afrikaans” is an energetic song that shares the singer’s biggest musical inspirations. The sound of the song can be likened to that of the international punk-rock group Blink 182. 

“I also sing about my school experiences, where I didn’t always fit in because I found more resonance in music than in sports,” says Robert about the song’s theme. 

The rhythmic song arrives just in time for the upcoming summer months and provides an intriguing background about the singer. 

“I think the audience will enjoy the song because of the positive energy it brings. If you’re good at dancing, it’s a song for you to groove to,” says Robert. 

He wants to encourage listeners to embrace different genres of Afrikaans music. “I believe it’s also my responsibility as a musician to explore and take advantage of the gaps in our music industry where there isn’t much focus yet.” 

The music video for “Dans in Afrikaans” was filmed at the popular hangout spot, Padstal in Pretoria, as well as in a home studio. The fun video incorporates various elements, including his performance. 

Robert made his debut with the song “Toy Train” after participating in “Die Kontrak 2” but now aims to offer something more commercially oriented to the market. 

More about Robert Bolton: 

Music has always played an integral role in Robert Conradie, aka Robert Bolton’s life, and he has been immersed in the world of music and drama from a young age. 

Robert began playing the piano and singing at the age of six. He spent his early years in Vredendal before his family moved to Stellenbosch. 

Robert continued his musical journey while completing his school education. The singer is known for his versatile musical style but excels in rock, soul, and blues. 

He currently resides in Stellenbosch, and his cat, Jackson (named after his electric guitar), brings him much joy. 

After matriculating, Robert initially enrolled to study BEmC (Bachelor in Emergency Medical Care). His hobbies include abseiling, cliff diving, hiking, mountain biking, and bodyboarding. 

When it comes to listening to music, Robert is fond of Gospel Blues and soul music, but he is also a big fan of alternative rock and ballads. 

He loves nature and enjoys learning and conversing about animals, birds, and plants. 

Robert draws musical inspiration from both local and international artists such as Lewis Capaldi, Kaleo, Justin Bieber, Francois van Coke, and Spoegwolf. 

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